Vlog #2

Incredibly sorry about the length. I won't wait so long for the next one.


Kaitlin March 8, 2009 at 8:48 AM  

I'm pumped to get a glimpse at your screenplay! Things that I've been thinking about in regards to your screenplay...predictions I've been making: is it set in Arkansas? How old are the main characters? For whatever reason I feel like your screenplay is going to involve people in transition. I'm excited to see if any of my guesses are accurate. Thanks for vlogging.

Lindsay March 9, 2009 at 8:24 AM  

Ok its taken me a long time to catch up with technology enough to leave you a comment. You should be really proud right now! Not like I haven't already given you some feedback on your screenplay but you keep talking about how personal it is but you almost try to take away from that in the actual story. There's not that period of "darkness to light" and because that is such an integral part of the story I think it should be in there. More challenges. Less working out perfectly, because it took you a long time to get to where you are at now and in the story we miss that time and emotion. And maybe a part where someone punchs the ex-bff in the face?! (for my own personal satisfaction) You know I would have if I would have met her but nobody wanted to tell me that day in Marketplace. Just stay true to the story, I hear that's what really great writers do...oh and watch the grammer...bugs the crap out of me!

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