Oh to live your dream. To have the life that you want. 

But would that be enough. At what point are you going to be happy?

There are so many things that I want out of my life. I want to move, I want my dream job, I want love, I want my family, etc. But if I get all of these things is that going to be enough. Why isn't enough right now?

I have a good life, actually a great life. I have a job that I love and challenges me. I have an amazing family that loves and supports me. I have wonderful friends who are always there. So why isn't it enough?

Why do we look at others and see the things we wish we had? Our lives are our own. We can only have what we have. We can strive for more and hope and dream and wish but in the end it is just our own life. 

Can we ever have it all or do we now and we are just to blind to see it?

I've been so focused on my future and what I want out of it that I haven't taken the time to appreciate what I have. I will be moving in a couple months and I will be following my dreams. This has already been determined. But until that time my life is here and now.

My present is in Springdale, AR. My future is in Wilmington and beyond. I can dream of the days when my present is there. I can plan and work towards them but I can't forget about where I am right now, my home.

Appreciate what you have, want what you want, dream what you dream but don't lose sight of the glory of the day, the smile of a friend, the hug from a loved one, the beauty of a sunrise, the thrill of a first kiss, the excitement of the unknown, and the reason that you are here, to live this one life to the fullest, to make the most out of everyday, and to live.

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I'm a 24 year old girl who is taking a change in direction and going to school online through Full Sail University seeking a bachelors in Entertainment Business. I'm working towards being a screenwriter/producer/director anywhere in the TV or Film industry.