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Today's idea of celebrity is really irritating to me. You can be a celebrity for doing absolutely nothing. Cases in point: Paris Hilton, The Real Housewives of (Insert Major City Name Here), and Jon and Kate plus 8 gang. I'm sorry but being a rich kid or allowing cameras to follow you around your so called "real" life are not attributes that make you a celebrity in my eyes. What do you really bring to the table? You have an interesting life story, who doesn't. You go out and party every night, who wouldn't want to do that. Why do we put these people in the same arena as people who have a craft, whether it be music, acting, being photogenic. They actually do something to make us want to watch them. 

I'm tired of scripted "reality" TV shows. I'm tired of walking to the check out counters and seeing so called "celebrities" plaster the magazine covers. I watched the finally of The Hills on MTV and most of it was just painful to watch. These are not actors and they try to be. A TV show that I used to watch because I felt like it had a realness to it has completely abandoned that whole way of showing their lives. Who has a freaking crane available in reality? 

I wish we could get back to making TV shows with stories and characters and things that take us out of our real everyday lives. Let's let the actors and the directors and producers go back to doing what they do best. There are so many wonderful ideas out there that we should be able to fill up every network and every time slot with something other than Survivor, American Idol, Fear Factor (even tho it's not on anymore). And if we do have to have reality TV can we go back to the way things were when reality TV started. Lets go back to the original, The Real World. Now that was reality TV at it's best and the most real you could ever get.

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