The Truth Will Set You Free

So I told my parents tonight that I am planning on moving sometime soon and they took it pretty well. There are a lot of details to work out but they are being supportive which is all I can ask for. This is very good news because I was most worried about telling them. 

I think they are more happy about the change in location away from LA because it is so overwhelming. I also think they finally see that this is something that I really want to do and they are being supportive of that.

I'm really getting back into taking pictures. It's making me explore areas around here that I have never been before. Thank you mom and dad for the TomTom they bought me for Christmas or I would still be lost in the middle of no where. It's nice to be able to explore my creative side in a different way other than sitting behind my keyboard. 

My next project will be videos, as soon as I get my camcorder fixed again. Maybe I can get a new one for my birthday in a couple months. That would be helpful in testing so things out for my movie.

Overall it's been a very positive day. Since I decided to move my life has a focus again which is a good thing. I have a goal in mind and I'm going to do everything I can to make it happen.

Decision, Decision

I'm ready for a change. I'm ready for a move. But I feel like there are certain things that need to happen before I can do this.

I have decided that I want to move to Wilmington, NC. That is where I'm going. LA is just to much and Wilmington is a lot cheaper. I know that moving there will be a small step up from here and until I get through with school I think that giant leaps are out of the question. So Wilmington it is. 

Before I can move there are somethings that have to (or I want to) be taken care of. I need to have saved up some money, I need to have at least the prospect of a job, and I need a place to live.

I have a plan in place to save as much money as possible over the next several months and am looking into getting a second job to help. I have looked for places online and have contacted a couple about availability and price. I have even looked into jobs.

I don't want to screw myself over here but I really want to move. I want to get out on my own and make this dream happen. 

I have made my decision to move now it becomes a question of when and how.

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