Birthday Surprises

Thanks to my wonderful sister and best friend I had one of the best birthday surprises given to me in a long long time. My sister flew in my best friend Lindsay from Orlando to be here for my birthday. I had no idea she was coming and didn't think I would get to see her before I moved. It was the even more impressive because Lindsay can hardly ever keep anything from me and she held on to this for a week. 

Besides my wonderful surprise I had a great last weekend at home. Got to see friends and family for the last time which was a happy/sad event. I'm going to miss everyone here sooo much but I will keep them in my heart as I journey to NC. 

Speaking of that trip/move, I was remotivated tonight while watching the Tony awards on TV. I saw the passion and the drive that these people had to put on shows that meant something to them and it just rang right into my heart. I thought that they were in my head reading the same thoughts and emotions I would have had if it were me up there. Also every time a play was called out or presented a part of myself couldn't help but wonder when and if we will see one Nicholas Gray on that stage because we all know his writing is fantastic and Tony worthy.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. They meant so much to me and I can honestly say I have never been as touched as I was to read them. A special thank you to Amber who made me an AMAZING video for my bday that was PERFECT!!!! 

I have new ideas rolling around through my head right now so I'm going to go work on them but again thank you to everyone for all of your support.

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