And The Adventure Begins

So I have been in Wilmington almost 24 hours now and it has been eventful already. Flew in last night, rested briefly before getting ready and heading out to Front Street.

After walking up and down Front Street for a while we stopped at the Reel Cafe and had a couple drinks before heading down to The Whiskey to hear Bibis play. Now I loved her music on Myspace and on SGP but she's even better live. The way she performs and grabs your attention is amazing. So glad we're going to see her again on Friday at Kefi. 

After nursing a hangover this morning we finally made it out back to Downtown. After being Pedestrians for several hours we stopped at the Cafe Phoenix for lunch. It was really good and the atmosphere there was perfect. After a little more walking we got back in the car and went further on to explore. 

After hitting a couple OTH sites, The Rivercourt and the 6th Street Bridge, we headed up to UNCW to check out the campus. It's very pretty around there. Lots of trees and brick buildings. I haven't found an area around here that I haven't liked so far. It's like all of the places I have lived in rolled up into one amazing place. 

I've scooped out some apartments and houses while driving around that I will check out before I leave but right now I'm going to rest and get ready for another adventure.

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