An Ode To Mothers

In honor of mothers day I have been reflecting on my mother.

I have been fortunate enough to have an amazing mother. She has been my biggest supporter, friend, caretaker, my everything. She has always supported my wild ideas, change in dreams, and everything in between. Even during my rebellious teenage years (actually I was 19 almost 20 and it lasted all of a summer) she stuck by me and helped me any way she could. We are a lot alike, have similar views of the world and can talk about pretty much anything. She is part of the reason that I am so sad to leave home next month.

As I am sitting here the sounds of an off key, struggling to learn trumpet player are floating in through my window. Oh man do I remember those days. First when my sister was just learning to play the clarinet and then again when I decided to play the drums. If you were to ask her I don't think she could tell you that either was worse but I am sure it's easier to tune out a quieter clarinet than a pounding drum. But she endured it all, from piano lessons to practicing songs for a performance, to the repeated bangs of the drum. It couldn't have been easy but she did it. All while toting us from basketball practices, softball practices, sleep overs, birthday parties, movie theaters, roller skating rinks, you name it we did it growing up.

We didn't miss out on many opportunities growing up either. If it was something we wanted to do, something we needed to do, or something that we wanted we did it, got it or saw it. My parents made sure we had every opportunity. From the vacations that they never went on when they were little, to sports camps, we had the opportunity to do it. They even went as far as to get us pets knowing that when we left home they would stay behind (they still have my first cat Sweetie, and recently took in my 2 dogs Scooter and Alex). 

My mother and for that matter my father are the best parents I could have ever asked for. So on this Mothers Day take the opportunity to look at your own mother and what she has meant to you in your own life. 

Happy Mothers Day Mom. I love you!

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