Thank You!

As tears are forming in my eyes from the amazing words that I have received tonight I just wanted to say thank to everyone who commented, who has read my blog, who has had the random conversations with me, who have pushed me, who have been there and most of all who have taken a little time out of their life to help me.

I don't want the impression to be that I am doubting the path that I am on. I know that my heart is leading me in the right direction and that this is what I have wanted since I was a little girl and pretended that my life was a movie.

When I was a senior in high school I convinced myself that I was going to move to Hollywood and become an actress. I was going to move and be part of the entertainment industry. However I decided that college was the "right" path for me. So I went to school and started following a path that was never really mine. College is what was expected. I will never regret this because I was young and would have burned out so quickly. I am a stronger person now. I have lived and learned. 

Of course I'm scared and I have my moments of "What the heck am I thinking?" But thanks to all of your words and encouragement I will never again let that thought dwell in my head. I know that I am ready to make this move and take this step and am really looking forward to everything. 

Thank you again for everything. Everyone who is reading this is a very special part of my life. 

And know that your words have inspired me to add 20 more pages to my second screenplay.

(P.S. This also helps put a smile on my face)

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I'm a 24 year old girl who is taking a change in direction and going to school online through Full Sail University seeking a bachelors in Entertainment Business. I'm working towards being a screenwriter/producer/director anywhere in the TV or Film industry.