Quick Update from Work

I'm so excited. Today is my Friday. 2 days off will be so nice. I love my job but I want to explore more and take pictures further around the area and I can't when I have to be at work at 3:45.

I did really well on audio on Saturday. I'm adapting quickly around here which is a good thing seeing that my job will be along this line. I'm hoping that all of the knowledge that I am gaining now will pay off when I move and look for a new job.

I filmed a vlog today on my way to work. I will edit and upload it when I get home.

Loving all of the new content on SGP. For the past week or so we've had a new blog a day which is awesome. I love the passion and openess that is coming out of this group. It makes me want to do the same with my project. As soon as I get more information on it I will be sure to share with you all.

And be on the lookout for the next chapter of top tens featuring Sophia Bush. (not so patiently waiting for Amber's next one as well) :-)

Thank you for your support.

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