The End

This is it. This chapter of my book is closing. I made it to Wilmington and therefore feel that this blog has run it's course. I made the first step in the big journey that is my career. I don't know what is to come from this move or when or if my dream will come true. All I know is that I am on my own and for the most part it is amazing. I have never felt more alive or free and scared all at the same time. Something inside me tells me this is all going to work out and it wasn't all in vain. But I honestly wouldn't be here if it weren't for the wonderful support system that I have backing me.

My parents are the greatest parents in the world and I would be willing to fight someone on that. They are not only my emotional backers but they have taken the financial burden of this move. When I first decided I wanted to move they were not sure if it was a good idea or if I had thought it all through. Slowly as we grew closer and closer my passion and drive to make this happen seemed to rub off on them. When I decided to push my original timeline up and move in June they took on everything with nothing but smiles offering many options and plans to make it happen. I felt bad for going so overboard on getting my apartment set up but they said you need it so we will get it. I don't know if I would be here if it weren't for them and not just because of the money. I have always been a big family person. I love spending time with my family. Shoot I used to spend friday nights on my breaks from work with my parents having dinner and going to Sam's Club. I might be lame for this but they are my rocks. I know no matter what happens they will always be there for me and if I really need them to be they will get here as fast as they possibly can. I miss them like crazy and love them more than any amount of words could say.

My sister has been another big supporter of this move and my new journey. She was the first person I told that I wanted to go to film school, that I wanted to move, that I was moving to Wilmington. We might not have always got along when we lived together but she is my sister. I will forever have her back and she will forever have mine. She was the one who was willing to drive with me across country if my parents couldn't come (granted she ended up having to go to England but it's the thought that counts). She offered countless times many ways to help me out. She even was gracious enough to let me stay living in her house even when I was unemployed and couldn't pay the rent and bills. Without my sister I would be lost in this world and I might not always tell her this but I love her very much and miss her like crazy. It's weird coming home and not having her there.

I have countless other people who I have to thank for making this happen and I will do that in my own time in my own way. From my best friend, to my friends back at home to all of my friends at SGP I just want to say a big Thank You!!! You know what you have done and if you don't read back a few blogs and you'll probably remember. :)

As I close this chapter I am opening up a new one. My new blog will be up and running shortly with all of the crazy adventures this new town and journey take me on. Thank you for following my journey thus far and I hope you will continue on with me in the future.

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