When you don't sleep you discover new and interesting things. 
  • Tea has more caffeine in it than given credit for.
  • You can accomplish so much when there is nothing to distract you.
  • Many people think you're crazy.
  • Inspiration can come at all hours of the day.
  • And finally that Sunrise is a truly magical time of day.
I hadn't ever noticed the sunrise until recently, mostly because I was never up then. But with my new lifestyle of not sleeping I have seen more and more sunrises. They are wonderful events everyday. No 2 days are the same or feel the same.

This morning I saw a sunrise that had such a deep color of orange that I couldn't help but be inspired to accomplish something today.

And that is what I did. I completed my first vlog, did all of my homework for the week and even started editing my screenplay.

Sunrises signal the start of a new day, the start of a new adventure. Take the time to enjoy the little moments in like like a sunrise.

First Vlog

Here is my first ever vlog.

Please don't mind the appearance, I had just gotten back from the gym.

OTH Podcast and SGP Voicemails

It's amazing to me how much impact one person or one group of people can have on an entire community. They can change people's lives without even trying. That is what SGP has done with their blog and the community that has grown from it.

This became very evident to me in this weeks OTH Podcast. Props to Podcaster Denise for coming up with the idea of letting the fans give a little back and leave the messages for SGP and just give them the support and encouragement they deserve. 

Listening to everyone's words was just another example of the continuing inspiration I get from SGP and the "family" that has grown out of it. 

There is a support base for this company that has grown in a small amount of time but has become a community that supports the company and each other. The bases of the company is heart and through opening their hearts they have touched ours. 

Thank you Denise for the podcast, it truly was an amazing thing to be apart of.

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