Amazing Job!

So you know that someone is good at what they are doing when you forget that it is them doing it. 

That might not make any sense but I'll explain what I mean. 

When you watch a movie and forget about the actress or actor playing the part and believe that they are that person in that time period and in that place. That is when they are a good at acting. 

The same goes for when an actor or actress comes off of playing the same character for so long. You think that you will never see them as nothing else than that character and then they find new roles and you get to see them as that person as well.

The same can be said for the other projects they do outside of acting. Whether it's directing/producing/writing or a complete career change to singing or something else completely you know they are good at what they do when you forget about the character they played and see them as the person they are.

Because in the end they are all just real people like you and me. Real people who get paid to do what they love, like the lucky ones of us. The only difference is their job puts them in front of the cameras and in the face of millions of people. 

This whole thought process came about when I was lurking around SGP tonight. I realized that yes I love OTH. Yes I love the character Peyton. Yes I love HB as an actress. But I completely forgot that that HB was the same HB with SGP.

When it comes to the blog and the videos and writings I don't see HB the actress who plays Peyton on OTH anymore. I see an up and coming producer doing what she loves. And sometimes I don't even see her as an individual at all. I mostly just see the company as a whole. I see the vision of Kelly and Hilarie. I see the wonderful writings of Nicholas and Austin. I see the vision for making movies in Wilmington. I see the big picture. 

I was on the blog tonight and completely forgot the original reason I found it, HB. All I was focused on was the projects, the community, the pictures, and the maps. I saw everything as a whole not as something just something that HB, the actress who plays Peyton on TV was doing. 

So you know that someone is good at what they are doing when you forget that it is them doing it. 

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

So we have been talking about milestones a lot lately in the SGP chat. The blog has only been around 3 months and yet so many milestones have occurred (with so many others to come). It got me thinking about how far I've come since then as well. I reread my first blog and wanted to reprint it on here just so all can see how far I have come.

"I've decided to start a blog to log everything that I have and will go through in my quest to make it in the Film/TV industry. I'm not looking to be an actress or really anyone famous but I just want to make movies and TV shows that affect peoples lives like the movies and TV shows I watch do me. I have always had a secret desire to pursue something like this but never had the drive or determination to make it happen. After several years of soul search, skipping from college to college, and even moving away from home and back I've finally decided that I have to follow my heart and try to make it happen.

I realize that I am trying to make it in the toughest industry around but this is something that I have always wanted and I don't think I'll be truly happy until I at least give it a shot. That is why I have named this blog SoCal Here I Come. Everyone who wants to break in starts in LA and that's where I am headed, after I finally get through with school.

So the start to this journey begins January 28th through and online degree program through Full Sail University for a Bachelors in Entertainment Business. These plans are a little different than my orignals but due to the current economic situation in this country I could not afford to move to Orlando, FL right now and start the Bachelors in Film that I wanted. So as I do I am reevluating and readjusting to work things out.

This degree will start me in the industry while I can make money at a job here, if I can find one. That is another part of why I didn't move. I've been out of work since October and just recently filled or unemployment. So a couple of months of no income have not helped me at all. I have a job interview on Monday for a manager in training position with Car-Mart. Its a salary postion that should help me pay the bills and save up at the same time.

Since I was out of high schoool I've been quietly writing screenplays. My first attempt was horrible and was deleted from my computer recently but since finally deciding to go through with this the creative jucies have been flowing more freely and I am almost done with the first draft of my first screenplay as well as have a notepad full of ideas for more. I have never in my life been more inspired to do something or following it through.

So here is my blog to post my thoughts and ordeals as I swim these raging waters they call the entertainment industry."

Since this post on January 3, 2009 I have started a new job at 40/29, decided to move to Wilmington, finished my first screenplay (with interest in it), started my second screenplay, rediscovered my passion for photography, found an spark inside myself to push on, and finally took myself out from behind the camera and placed myself in front of the world.

Big things have happened in 3 months and big things are going to continue to happen. I'm so glad that I have this blog to remember all of the little details that would have been lost forever without it. 

Vlog #4

Long again, I'm sorry. Apparently I had a lot to talk about.

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