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Apparently today is my day to blog. Actually I have been doing a lot of thinking today and have come up with a thought I felt the need to share.

I have always been hard on actors and actresses who take roles for the money, who put a paycheck ahead of doing something they love, who don't do things for the craft and heart of it but for the celebrity of it. Well lately I have found myself selfishly wanting actors and actresses to put a paycheck before doing something they love and that undermines my whole value system that I want to have getting into this industry.

I will admit that I am a huge OTH fan just like I was a huge Friends fan as well as many other shows over the years. Now just like lots of OTH fans I have been dying for a 7th season. I wanted it to stay on the air so that I could watch the fake lives of the characters that I have come to love over the last 6 years. I, as many others, were ecstatic today when it was announced that OTH had been picked up for a 7th season. But then other rumors began to circulate and it got me to thinking. 

The rumors were that CMM and HB were not going to be returning for season 7. At first I was shocked, didn't want to believe them, down right sad if this was true. But the more I have thought about it the more I have decided that if this is what happens I envy these two brave people. They want to move on with their careers and make more projects that they have a passion for. 

I have been following HB's SGP blog since the very first post, in fact it is what inspired me to start blogging myself. I was attracted to the blog and the progress of Pedestrian, not because of HB and the character she plays on a TV show but because of the heart and soul behind the project and the willingness of all the people involved to share it with the world. They passionately want to see this movie made. They passionately want to share the project with their fans. They have a passion for this project and the genre of Southern Gothic literature that radiates to everyone who browses their page. I commend them for letting the world in and allowing us to be a small part in something that is big to them.

The fact that they are making it happen makes me believe that I can make it happen. As I watch the project move through these rough times and get closer and closer to being reality I see that with hard work I too can make mine happen. All of the good things that have happened with my project has been inspired by them. They have motivated me and I hope that the support that I show in return can begin to repay them for what they have done for me without even trying to. I have followed my heart to get to where I am right now and so have they. 

So how can I selfishly wish that the rumors about HB and CMM are not true. If they want to follow their hearts on to new projects then I will support them in whatever they might be. Pedestrian is going to rock, CMM will make movies, HB will act again if she wants to. The fact that Peyton and Lucas might not be on TV isn't the end of the world, nor is it the end of OTH.

Life isn't about how much money you can make, what kind of car you drive, or having the nicest things. It's about doing something you love and having a passion for it. You have to follow your heart and your dreams. Anything else is just lying to yourself.

OTH Season 7!

It's official One Tree Hill will be back for Season 7! Several sources confirming this are listed below.

As I am writing this a new promo for episode 617 has been posted on and it concerns me a little. Check it out. Problems for Leytons (dang I hate combined names) Lucas and Peytons baby dream won't be easy. 

Dang OTH for not being on again until March 16th. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Congratulations to the OTH cast and crew for the pick up and the opportunity to keep doing what they love. In today's economy having a secure job is a blessing. I am very glad they are coming back for a 7th season and truly believe that the story lines will only continue to grow and get better.

This is also good news for fans of SGP because (even tho I never thought it was an option not to) Hilarie Burton will be remaining in Wilmington for at least another year. Pedestrian is going to be a wonderful movie when it is complete and this project already has so much fan support from around the world that I know it will be big for her and SGP.

Again I am overjoyed with this news. Now all we have to do is wait and see which characters will and will not return and if we will experience another time jump (Please, Please No more time jumping).

2 Quick Things

I'm sitting here browsing the internet, putting off my homework & revising my screenplay and I have stumbled upon 2 things I wanted to share.

1) They are making a Spider-Man musical for broadway. WTF!!!! The music and lyrics are being done by U2 too. I don't know how to feel about this but normally don't broadway musicals get made into movies not the other way around. (Exception: Spamalot which is hilarious) 

2) I looked on the Watch W/Kristen page on and stumbled upon some interesting news in the newest Spoiler Chat. I won't share it in case you don't want to know any spoilers but I would check it out if you do.

Just Wanna Be With You

As sad as it might be I just finished watching High School Musical 3. Now I have always been a sucker for musicals. Even at a really young age. When I went to work for Disney in January of 2006 High School Musical was released. Being in Disney World we were ini-dated with advertisements, music, promotions, even merchandise. I didn't watch the movie until much later when it came out on DVD but when I finally did see it I loved it. When the second movie came out in 2008 I was kind of excited about it. I was one of those losers who went opening day to see the 3rd one in theaters. If this makes me pathetic then so what. I love it. Music, romance, basketball. It has everything that I love and it might be sappy and childish but I love it.

I'm about to go get a work out in seeing that I don't have to work tonight. Been a week since I hit the gym and I know my shot is going to be horrible because of this. I'll have to put in extra time today.

Sad that the SGP blog chat is gone from the page. I really enjoyed talking to everyone. Hopefully they will bring it back. Still check the page often just to see what they have posted and what others have commented on. 

Big things are coming for me and I can't wait to see where they go. 

My bestest best friend is coming to visit me in 2 days I am stoked. I haven't seen her since October and it's been way to long. 

Overall I think this is going to be a good week.

Possible Good News for Future...

I got some possible good news today concerning my future and a project that I am working on. I can't go into details yet because not everything is worked out yet but I'm super excited. If everything works out this could be big for me.

I'll post more when I can.

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