I Have Arrived

I am officially on Wilington and have spent the first hour stuck at the airport waiting for Lindsay to make it to town and pick me up. While not so patiently waiting outside a very me song came on "I wear my sunglasses at night". At this current moment I am sprawled out on a bench rocking my favorite white shades. The song instantly put a smile on my face and made this wait just a little more barrable.

Overall good travel day. No delays no screaming children and a lot of good reading and music. I didn't realize how short a 30 minute flight really is until my flight from Charolette to Wilmington.

Leg One of Tavel Complete

I have arrived in Charolette, my first and only lay over on my way to Wilmington. The flight was fairly smooth and uneventful which is the way I like them. I decided to start "The Secret Life of Bees" for this trip because it is short and on that can be read on these flights. I forgot what a good book it is and how much I want to see that movie again.

I am trying to find something to do to entertain myself during this hour or so layover which shouldn't be to hard.

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