Home Sweet Home

I have never appreciated the world around me until I have been faced with leaving it for what I can only assume would be for a semi permanent amount of time. I swear that the sky has never been bluer, the leaves on the trees have never been greener, and I'm discovering things I have never noticed before. I am going to miss NWA and everything it has to offer. I love my hometown and always will. I was born and Arkansan and will be until the day I die. 

I have took my break from everything to focus on getting my life together and spending time with the ones I love here. I can tell you I have never felt as reenergized and ready to face everything as I do right now. I worked through my doubts, had a couple crazy emotional days, slept very little, worked pretty hard but it has been the best couple of days.

Wednesday I went to the afternoon baseball game with my mom and it was nice to have some quality time just me and her. I'm going to miss days like that. We talked, joked, people watched, complained, laughed, and got really sunburned because I have a thing against sunscreen. It was a great day to just relax and spend sometime with one of my best friends.

Thursday was my day with my dad. Granted we were stuck in my garage going through all of the stuff we were selling in the garage sale but it was fun. My dad is the quiet type but we talked and joked and got a lot of work done. I very rarely get to spend time with just my dad. In fact until recently when I started going to his work to help him out I think the last time we spent time just us was when he drove out with me to Florida 2 years ago.

I have also got to spend a little time with my sister. We may have had some rough times lately but I'm really going to miss her. It's going to be weird not coming home and catching up on life with her, playing softball with her, just general sister stuff. Her life is changing to and I know both of us will find our ways through these changes and be there for each other. Not to mention I'm going to owe her big time for taking care of my cat for a while until I can move him.

I'm going to miss home but I have so many precious memories to take with me when I'm gone. This new adventure and life will be fun and exciting but my heart will always have a piece of my heart at home. 

I have also started creating a playlist on last.fm you should check it out tomorrow or the next day when I finally get it done.

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