Another Day, Another Dollar.

I made my TV debut tonight. It was only for a split second during one of our promo's but I was on TV. That is a big thing considering I don't like being in front of the camera. Ok well I technically did a commercial when I was like 8 for my cousins business but back then it was cool. Even though my outfit was NOT!

Work has been crazy the last couple of days. People not coming in, sweeps stories, breaking cameras. Yesterday the guy who was supposed to run promoter didn't make it in until our 10 o'clock show. Then today we were still a person short, I technically broke a camera during promo shoots and we had to shot the 10 a camera down. It was like a camera ballet in the studio. If I wasn't so stressed I would have been more impressed with our work.

So I have gotten lots of positive feedback on my screenplay. This is very good considering that I've become a little worried about if it's good or not. I think being overly hard on myself is something that I need to work on.

I'm off tomorrow and the next day and I'm taking these 2 days to challenge myself creatively. I'm going to finish my video for Megan Mary to put in the SGP video she is working on. I'm going to correct the problems that have been found in my screenplay and I'm going to work seriously on my new one. I think that using my creative side will balance out the craziness I have been feeling.

Inspiration is a powerful thing and you have to use it while you have it. I am getting that spark of inspiration back in my life and the drive to follow what I started.


Karen March 10, 2009 at 7:55 PM  

Keep up the good work! Write. Write. Write. hehe.

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