A Wonderful Occurrence of Events

My amazing experiences with the SGP team were not limited to vlogs and bars. A little before my random and amazing meeting with Hilarie Burton at the Copper Penny I was told that we had the opportunity to go tour the OTH sets with KT. So the morning of the vlog shoot we got up and I called to set up a time to meet KT and headed out to the studio. After getting there and meeting up he took us through all of the sets which were awesome. Of course we took tons of pictures which will make there way to flickr sometime soon. He answered all of our questions and gave us some pretty cool behind the scene knowledge that only a person who worked on the show would know. This was really interesting to me because it's the things I've been reading in class but now I got to see them in real life. KT is awesome and so full of knowledge. We saw all of the sets on site like Lucas's room, Haley and Nathan's, Mouth and Skills apartment, Peyton's office, Brooke's house, Dan's beach house, the creepy hotel room that I swear could have been based off a couple of places I have stayed at, and my favorite Jamie's awesome room which if I was a little kid I would never leave. There was also the high school, and the locker rooms. It was so weird to see them in person to be able to see how they make such small spaces, cramped full of people when they film seem so big and bright. It was a once and a lifetime opportunity that was one of the highlights of my trip.

After the awesome tour we headed downtown to where they said they would be filming. What is funny is that I forgot to tell KT we were going down there when we were at the studio and I didn't tell Hil last night that we were meeting KT so we got down there and Hil couldn't believe that I didn't tell her we were meeting KT and as we are walking up KT is calling me saying Hil says you were going to meet up with us. 

KT setting up the tour for us was beyond amazing and way more than I would or could have ever asked for. Not only did I get to the sets but KT personally showed us around giving little insights along the way. He was willing to meet us at the studio and take a little time out of his day. Then to call and make sure that we were going to make it to the riverwalk for the filming was amazing. While we were touring Lindsay asked how he got into the industry and the subject got onto his mentor. Well he did a really good job with KT and I can see him as a great mentor to many people.

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