I Officially Have an Apartment!!!

It's as official as official can be. I signed my lease for my apartment tonight and I leave a week from Thursday for my 2 days journey to Wilmington. Day 1 will be driving from here to Atlanta then on day 2 we drive from Atlanta to Wilmington. It's all very exciting. I'm picking out furniture tomorrow to order and SOOO EXCITED! This will be the first time that I furnish a whole apartment on my own. It will be my way and what I want. YAY!

My stuff is pretty much packed and I have a pretty full week of activities with friends and family around here before my birthday on Saturday. Tomorrow is golf, Tuesday night is Brad Paisley/Sugarland concert for Wal-mart shareholders, Thursday is my last 2 softball games, Friday is birthday dinner, Saturday the big 2-4. After that it is get everything ready to hit the road days followed by being stuck in the car days and I'm officially there. 

I'm off to empty out the last of my drawers and pack up some dishes. But I will keep you as updated on the whole process as I can.


Elise88 June 1, 2009 at 8:54 AM  

Sugarland?? NOW I am insanely jealous. They were great last time I saw them. Hope you have a great week. Happy birthday for Saturday!

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