Opening Up

So I'm trying out this "Live" feed thing. I actually might like it. This is odd to me because I am the person that hates being in front of the camera. The person who hides away when one is even pointed near her direction. But knowing that someone could possibly be watching (I don't know why they would I'm a pretty boring person unless I break out the Rock Band) has helped me get used to the ideas of cameras. Not that I want to go into acting or be the center of attention but I like being able to share just that little bit more of my world. Plus I am totally in charge of it and can stop and start it anytime I want. 

Today was a good day. I slept really late and that was nice because I hadn't slept in a long time. After I finally woke up I got a call from my mom saying that my SGP shirt had arrived there!!! I was so excited I hopped straight in the car and picked it up. I will be wearing it tomorrow and taking pictures borrowing another rainy day. 

After getting my shirt I went to work and had a fairly easy day. 1 anchor, few tapes, and a very slow news day. I loved it. We also bought a NERF basketball goal on break and played in the control room which was so much fun. I was afraid we would break something but we didn't. After work I came home and was lame and cleaned my bathroom before rocking out to Rock Band. 

Tomorrow will be another slow news day but at least I will be getting paid soon. I can't wait to spend all that money in Wilmington. Down to 9 days and I am so excited.

Keep checking the blog because you never know where or when I'll pop up for a "live" look.


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