It's a good day.

New SGP posts, New OTH Promo (thanks to Denise for that), Last Day of work until Thursday, Halfway through my first Southern Gothic book and LOVING it. 

SGP has two new blogs today. Nick Jams vs. Hil Tunes. I love that they are helping expand my music. I'm always looking for new music. Got to say (sorry Hil) I do prefer Nick's list as of right now because I have heard more of them and he put Fancy on it but I'm sure I will like the music on Hil's after I hear them.

I LOVE the new OTH promo for episode 617 which airs March 16th. All I have to say about it is OMG!!!! Actually let's make that OMFG!!!! I am said it's 3 weeks from tonight but I will so be late to work that day watching it.

"The Ballad of the Sad Cafe" is amazing. I am a new fan of the Southern Gothic writing. Got to love Southern Gothic Productions for expanding my horizons.


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