I'm kind of having a good day.

Besides all of the random happenings today has been overall a very good day. Got some work done for my dad which will help pay my rent this month. I ate at Red Lobster and it was delicious. We went bowling and after losing to my sister the first game came back and beat her in the second game and overall. Not to mention I finally had a homework assignment that I knew what I was doing. It might actually be really good.

1 of the 2 classes I'm taking this month is Intro to Media Arts and it's kind of an overview of every thing in the entertainment industry, how it started and what it does today. It also introduces us to some of the programs that are included in the Mac. This weeks assignment was a movie that we had to edit down to a trailer and add music and sound effects. 

The previous 2 projects we had have not been as easy for me. The first was a website and I think it took me a good 12 hours of work to complete. The next was a music editing assignment which took a good 2 hours. 

I have made mini movies with software similar to this before so this was right down my alley. I think it took me all of 45 minutes to get this done and a majority of the time I was just goofing around with transitions and seeing what different music did with the images.

Little things like these help me feel like I made the right choice in going to Full Sail. Now I'm going to be brave and attach the video here and see what you guys think. If it sucks let me know. If it's good let me know. Any feedback on it would be amazing because I have until Sunday to submit it and I can improve upon it until then.


Alec & Emma Davis February 18, 2009 at 8:37 AM  

I have absolutely no background in anything cinematic...and would be an awful film critic...but for what it's worth, I thought it was great! The music/sound was right on. I guess the only thing I was wondering was what is the story? Obviously, it's about skiing...but does someone get stranded on the mountain? Is it a competition? I realize that opinion would be worth more coming from someone who knows what they're talking about! Good luck!

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